Real passion


Since 2008, our passion has been dedicated to you!
Tre Corone Pub is the perfect place for a unique atmosphere!



In 2008, at the age of 22 years I decided to get in the game and pushed by the great passion for the taste and flavor of dishes and drinks, I created the Tre Corone Pub and Wine BAR.

A place destined to evolve, which proves to be able to adapt to the tastes and demands of its customers. Today Pub and Wine BAR has become a place suitable for all with a wide choice for breakfast, cocktails, lunches and dinners, as our customers like it! We focus on high quality because the location is already a strong point that many envy us, and we know how to value everything that surrounds us!

Located in one of the most fascinating areas of of Iseo Lake around Bergamo, Tre Corone Pub offers its guests a corner of paradise between the green and the blue lake with gardens.

Located in the historic center of the small village of Riva di Solto, the venue offers spacious interiors characterized by ancient cellars suitable for wintertime where they create the warm atmosphere of feeling good together. For all sports fans and of course soccer, it is offered the opportunity to follow all direct SKY sports on Wide Screen, a great way to share afternoons and evenings with friends!

Our goal is to pass on to our customers our passion, striving to give the best of us day after day and it looks like the message is reciprocated with great affection!

Cit. Matteo Domenighini


For the Tre Corone Pub, wine is a serious matter, which is why we serve the best wines to accompany any dish, but also the pleasure to drink with taste on a very special evening, with the taste of those who appreciate true values.



Each beer has its own style and in terms of style the Tre Corone Pub does not miss anything, that's why you can enjoy your favorite beer at any time of the day, along with snacks which are the apotheosis of taste and goodness .



One of the highlights of the Tre Corone Pub is our staff: friendliness, courtesy, availability, collaboration with customers, we are always ready to suggest the best menus, cocktails or drinks to enjoy a pleasant day or an evening with the right atmosphere and complicity!