From wonders to Tre Corone


The bay of Relax and Fun!


An enchanted land surrounded by water, where the nature echoes the odes of a wonderful poem … like the taste and flavor of all our proposals!

Monte Isola, is the pearl of Lake Iseo, an island and a characteristic mountain to visit and to love. Beautiful are the villages of fishermen, its atmosphere of other times that allows you to live a dream vacation. There no need to go far to experience the magic of wellness and relaxation in such heavenly place! Visit Siviano, Carzano, Masse, Cure, Menzino, Novale, Olzano, Peschiera Maraglio, Porto di Siviano, Sensole, Senzano, Sinchignano. In Montisola cars are not allowed, the only way to visit the island is by bicycle or bus. At the highest point of the island at 600 meters high in Cure is the Sanctuary of Ceriola, from here the view is an open book where to write your own emotions and leave them behind…


A world to be discovered, made of wines, wineries, breathtaking views, a reality that perfectly embodies the whole spirit of the Tre Corone!

The territory of Franciacorta is characterized mainly by vineyards, while local authorities are committed to safeguarding the landscape and conservative both on the naturalistic side and from the point of view of cultural history, in fact, numerous are architectural remains of ancient times: monasteries, churches , abbeys, villas and castles of the medieval era. There is much to see, including Monte Orfano, which reaches 451 m maximum altitude. Outstanding is the archaeological find represented by a grandiose temple, from coming from Erbusco, which was taken to Brescia and is now walled visible in the facade of the palace of Monte di Pietà della Loggia.

Pyramids of Zone

Also known as “fairies of stone”, they are a rarity that are worth a visit. Not everything in nature can be explained, but that’s the beauty of the mystery and emotions, the same ones that are served at the Tre Corone!

A path suitable for everyone, including families, immersed in a natural park with breathtaking views of Iseo Lake, to discover the beauty that nature holds for us. Some people describe a cinema-western scenery complete with spiers and pinnacles and with adjacent big stone precariously balanced. When you’re on the road of Lake Iseo do not pretend to not see the sign; give  yourself an afternoon “out of this world” in an absolutely pristine and natural environment.

Rock engravings

Valle Camonica is known around the world for its extraordinary richness and variety of rock engravings, a route that we recommend to everyone, just like our endless taste, flavor and pleasure proposals!

The area covers over 14 hectares and is one of the most important complexes of rock engravings, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site No. 94 ” Rock engravings in Valle Camonica”. Inside, in a beautiful wooded setting, you can see 104 engraved rocks, accompanied by information panels and divided into 5 easy to follow itineraries for about 3 Km. On the rocks of the Park can be present warriors, knights, animals, buildings , symbolic figures and common inscriptions, sometimes interpreted as elements of complex meaning scenes, but each visitor is given the full freedom of interpretation. That’s what makes everything so magical!